Monday, 19 November 2007

The First Weeks: Frenzy and Escapism

Well my friends.. now I think it is the time for some self healing confessions: I think I came online to do just that a bit... to escape from the grey day to day routine... At least that was the primary motive then.

The first days, they were somehow darker than nowadays, I met a lot of people in murky places, did what perhaps most do at the beginning... hoping from one ball to another... searching the ultimative kick.

And after some days I realized... whatever you do here, it is just pixel on pixel, I just felt like there should be more to something with such an good concept as I found that here in Second Life.

I had at the end of that episode perhaps met about 50 people (more or less)... it was funny when you saw how those things worked from day to day... And I learned something about myself too, I loved it to be polite and friendly and the best things I had were the conversations when they had some depth.

Once I met one guy from the US, he being a student of geosience and me a girl with a love for that matter back from school, we had some common ground at once... some funny talks while looking at dancers, kittys or other beings. It was fun to watch what people do, what they try to attract attention :-). On the other hand.. why do we do that... even here.. its only electrons.

Giving that matter some thoughts, perhaps i should come next time as an ugly fat version of Kahli (well would get me some attraction in itself hihi) - and a good friend of mine is at the moment searching for a Garfield (I love lasagne) outfit for me.

Well.. (as you may have noticed dear reader - one of the words I love to use and a word which hasnt any meaning in itself)... As I said the first weeks were a little off the scope...

Scratching my head, ah yes the story:
I met then in some dungeon, ups - yes those places do exist in the fantasy worlds of SL (Second Life) and compared with RL (Real Life, some even call that FL - First Life) they must be many and huge - the girl of my dreams. Ah, yes, now you think... whats going on here.. girl on girl... dungeons at all. Well I think I mentioned it somewhere earlier... SL is a dream world, as such I started there. My idea of it today? Needs an extra post in the future.

So those wild, kinky and somehow hallow first weeks were about to end, and SL became for me something I hadnt thought possible at all..

I started my life here to try it out, to have fun and a little as a trip to myself. Same famous german comedian put it like this: „Heute besuche ich mich. Hoffentlich bin ich daheim.“ - or in english "Today i am visiting myself. Hope I will be at home" (Karl Valentin 1882-1948).

The next post will be about the girl I met and the way we took.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Where is Humanity going?

Sometimes you do wonder, what has happened to humanity, at least in some areas....

When you look at the world news.. well they have gone mad already..

But somehow I think there is still hope for humankind.. at least when they still can laugh and joke about some things and especially about themselves..

Well I thought of myself as a well educated girl.. but sometimes you really learn new things.

Mh... what was i about to write?.. ah yes got the Ariadne straw back :-), when I entered Second Live (SL) perhaps 4 months ago after reading about it in a german magazine, I couldn`t have thought it any way possible what would I get out of it.
Well I do my things normally a little organized.. so before I started, I read a lot about SL on the Linden Labs homepage. And there were some really funny things people wrote about their experiences with SL. Some really got me laughing really loud - had I known what I do now, well I wouldn't have laughed for sure.
So I started in SL or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say SL came over me. I had a bag full of ideas what I wanted to do there. Like visiting nice places with really good graphics, like chatting with some people, like finding enchanting adventures...
Oh perhaps I should add it, I am a german native, my first language is german, but I think I am fluent in english too, and lucky me for that. I met some Germans in SL first - the "you stick to your kind"-approach - well I found out really fast, that most Germans I met, were of the type "loud and stupid", to put it nicely.
Oh yes, there were moments when I really was ashamed to see such stupid fellows in SL, well that brings me back to the Ariadne straw, is there hope for humanity?
As far as I can see it now after four month´s of SL:

The answer is yes, there is even more than hope...
(however the answer to that question needs some further postings I am afraid.)

I met some really nice persons in the world of the Linden Lab Servers, sometimes the encounters where so intensive, you really had the idea, I know this person, she or he is standing next to me....
This Blog is even a product of SL, too. I never read a blog before, and then you read just one, out of interest.. and well here I am.

to be continued....